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Founder, Eunjeong Yoon, was born and raised in Korea and moved to the United States where she struggled to find the right skincare products. This inspired the dream and vision for lluillui, the Korean skincare beauty company, which she founded and created with her husband Jimmy Kwon.  

Korean skincare made Yoon more confident in her skin because of the ease, simplicity and health-conscious ingredients. Early in life, her skincare regimen became a part of her ‘self-care’ routine. Yoon feels this time for herself is relaxing and therapeutic. She wants to share this overall routine and self-love with everyone. Yoon believes skincare is not just about the product, but the overall experience. That is why Yoon and the lluillui team curate healthy, natural, and effective products that will help you to feel the best version of yourself. With lluillui, not only do you get beautiful skincare products but also a luxurious and personalized skincare experience that is innovative, unique, and truly tailored to your skin type and needs.

We believe taking time to care for yourself is key to a happy, healthy life in this fast-paced, stressful world. Rather than using harsh chemicals, lluillui choose plant-based, natural, and environmentally-friendly products for your perfect skincare routine. We are here to guide you in your skincare journey. With the range of products we carry, we believe that everyone can achieve elevated beauty and inner harmony. 

Our team tests hundreds of products every month, constantly striving to search and test for the latest products. If there is any item you would like us to offer, connect with the lluillui team, we are here for you always!

As beauty lovers, we are truly excited to help you discover a new-found love for yourself and your skin. 

Kam-Sa-Ham-nida (Thank you very much in Korean),

Eunjeong Yoon, the Founder and The lluillui team


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