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Effective: June 16, 2020

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HIPAA Aesthetician Compliance:

This website will not share your health information for marketing or advertising purposes, nor will it sell your information.   While this website takes all appropriate measures to protect your information, there is always a risk associated with sharing information over the internet.  This website is not responsible for any health or medical information shared and you acknowledge that it is provided at your own risk.


“Cruelty-Free”/Not Tested on Animals: skincare and cosmetic products are manufactured in Korea and are “Cruelty-Free”.  In 2016 Korea passed a law mandating the end of animal testing for cosmetics effective from 2018.  

However, according to the USFDA, some cosmetic companies in the U.S. promote their products with claims of this kind in their labeling or advertising. The unrestricted use of these phrases by cosmetic companies is possible because there are no legal definitions for these terms.

Many raw materials, used in cosmetics, were tested on animals years ago when they were first introduced. A cosmetic manufacturer might only use those raw materials and base their "cruelty-free" claims on the fact that the materials or products are not "currently" tested on animals.

While Korean skincare and cosmetics are mandated to be “cruelty-free”, is not responsible for a manufacturer’s compliance or claims made by manufacturers or third parties.


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