lluillui Insider Rewards

Welcome to lluillui Insider Rewards Program!

We at lluillui want to reward you for being a loyal customer by giving you rewards for every purchase you make.  Listed below are all the benefits of being a lluillui Insider.

  • Members that sign up for the lluillui Rewards Program are automatically entered in to the lluillui Tier Membership.
  • Lluillui Members will earn a base earning rate of 1 point for every one dollar spent and the ability to earn VIP or Elite Status Rewards.
  • Joining is FREE and earning is easy.
    Lluillui Rewards Points
    100 Points = $2 OFF
    300 Points = $9 OFF
    500 Points = $20 OFF
    1000 Points = $50 OFF
    2000 Points = $120 OFF
    250 Points= Free Shipping


    Benefits Spent per calendar year Points earned per dollar
    lluillui $0 1
    VIP $500 1.25
    Elite $1,200 1.5