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Causes We Support

lluillui supports with love and care all the First Responders, medical professionals, and those who have been affected by the COVID -19 Pandemic. As a company, we continue to donate 1,000’s of masks to those in need and hospitals during this difficult time.


Louise – Mental Health and Support 

Choi – Foster Care & Supporting Children ‘Aging Out’ for Future  

Katja – Domestic Violence, Cancer and Human Trafficking  

Ji- Blood Drives and National Blood Donations 

Yelim –Childhood Poverty 

Skylar – BLM, Racial Equality 

DJ – Racial Equality and Child Abuse 

Earlet –Clean Accessible Drinking Water for All 

Cole – Animal Rescue 

Yoon and Jimmy – Healthy Living Options for All and Cruelty-Free World 

Sheneka -Mental Health