Sheet Masks with Tomato and Kale as active ingredients! 

Korean Skincare loves using unique ingredients to give your skin a fresh, healthy finish. Two ingredients that are popular in the Korean Skincare world are tomato and kale. These superfoods will change your skincare game and leave you with a glow like never before.

We offer products with these specific superfoods infused in them at lluillui. Tomato and kale can benefit you in ways you didn’t even know. So read on to find out how to incorporate these ingredients into your weekly skincare routine and which one will work best for a personalized experience. 


Why Sheet Masks? 

Sheet masks are one of the best ways to lock in active ingredients. The sheet-like material acts as a barrier from the air outside. And therefore the moisture can’t escape. Not even through the cracks like it would with a mud or clay mask, for example. Sheet masks also leave a rich residue of serums, vitamins and antioxidants on your skin. Remove the mask after about 10-20 minutes of letting it soak on your skin. And then you can pat the good stuff into your face and neck for lasting moisture and hydration. 

A tip we have is to take the mask off after the recommended amount of time. Any longer will actually have a drying effect. Sheet masks are easy and fun to use, especially when they are unique flavors. They are shaped like the face, and have open holes for the eyes, mouth and nose.    

We have a few sheet masks full of antioxidants that we want to break down for you, specifically from the brand ‘Lab For You.’ The two we are featuring today are vitamin-packed and help save your skin from the environmental factors that may take a toll on you. They are infused with tomato and kale extracts, to provide unique ingredients your skin may not get elsewhere. 


‘Lab For You’

‘Lab For You’ is a skincare company that specifically creates products that can be used on sensitive or acne prone skin. After many reviews from dermatologists and customers, ‘Lab For You’ has expanded to Korean dermatology clinics to effectively enhance the patients treatment. 

Lluillui loves ‘Lab For You’ products and their expertise in the industry. Two of the unique masks we carry at lluillui are the Juice Up Kale Mask and the Juice Up Tomato Mask. These ‘Lab For You’ masks pack antioxidants into each sheet. 

Whether you have dry, oily, normal or combination skin these masks will give you the immediate results you want. The raw materials used ensure the masks are non-toxic and won’t irritate the skin. Another notable fact about ‘Lab For You’ is that they are vegan and never tested on animals. This company is amazing all the way from the production to the specialized care put into each product. For these reasons, we carry their brand on lluillui and want to share it with our lluillui family. 


Tomato Sheet Mask

First, we have the Juice Up Tomato Mask. This has 1000 ppm of tomato extract. Tomato may seem like an interesting product to lather your face with, but you won’t regret trying this sheet mask. The benefits of tomato extract are life-changing. Full of lycopene, tomato extract balances your skin's pH and regulates sebum. Lycopene will help brighten those stubborn dark spots. The pores on your face will shrink. And your blemishes will clear up. What more could you ask for in a face mask? 

If you aren’t convinced yet, there are more benefits to the Juice Up Tomato Mask. The sheet is pre-soaked in Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract and Allantoin. 


  • Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract comes from a plant that can survive in extreme conditions. This means the extract has the ability to hydrate the skin in all weather types and leave us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 
  • Witch Hazel Leaf Extract is known to heal wounds. The Native Americans used this extract for medicinal purposes and the skincare world has adopted this incredible ingredient for numerous products. You can lather your face with this extract to soothe your skin, help with acne scarring and refine those large pores that may be visible on the face. 
  • Allantoin is a non-toxic, non-irritating material that strengthens the skin’s barrier. This ingredient comes from the root of the comfrey plant. Also great if you need to stimulate new tissue growth. 


This Juice Up Tomato Mask is vegan and cruelty-free, which is even more of an incentive to grab one today. 

Kale Sheet Mask 

The other Juice Up sheet mask that will work wonders for your skin is the Kale Mask. With 1000 ppm of kale extract, this mask will have a calming effect for your skin. Kale is known to be full of beta-carotene. This promotes skin health and can prevent damage. Besides the kale extract, this mask also has the Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract and Allantoin. Like the Tomato Mask, the overall results will be long-lasting hydration and the clearing of blemishes and dark-spots. 

Kale as a skincare ingredient has many perks. It's packed with Vitamins A, B, C, and K, and is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. Beyond all of this, the green superfood promotes collagen production, increases cell turnover, prevents free-radical damage, and detoxifies the skin. 

Similar to the Tomato sheet mask, this product is vegan and cruelty-free.

What to Use After the Sheet Mask 

‘Lab For You’ recommends you follow their sheet masks up with the ‘Lab For You’ Multi-ex A.C Cream. This cream helps with irritation and restores the skin to a clean, smooth state. This is done with the help of the active ingredient of tea-tree oil. The cream is known to heal acne. It can also be applied as often as you’d like throughout the day and many customers have found great success with this product.  

You know this cream is incredible for the skin since it was designed specifically by dermatologists and experts in aesthetics. And don’t worry if you have sensitive skin. The witch hazel infused in this product will save even the most sensitive of skin and stop breakouts from even happening. 


Wrap Up

Your skincare routine should be fun, relaxing and personalized for your specific needs. Sheet masks are a great way to prevent premature aging, hydrate your skin, even-out dark spots AND relax/de-stress you. You can use sheet masks as often as you’d like in your weekly routine, but we suggest applying one about 3 times a week. They are often inexpensive, and the ‘Lab For You’ sheet masks are only $2.99 on our website.  Alternating between different types, such as the Kale and Tomato sheet masks, will introduce a variety of ingredients to your skin. And keep your routine fun and exciting.