Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Season a lot of people are avoiding to go out and the majority of the people are doing most of the things to-do themselves at home. One of the things people do at home is dyeing their hair at home. Many people prefer self-hair care because it is much cheaper than going to a beauty salon to dye, and the Bubble Foam Color product is one of the bestsellers during this season. It’s very convenient and you can do it easily by yourself. However, there are several things you should be careful about when you are dyeing your hair by yourself.


1. You have to be very careful on your scalp. The hair must be dry, not wet. Recommend dyeing your hair without washing it all day and do it on the next day. Since the product contains special chemicals, you must not have the dyeing product on your hair for a long period of time. (Recommended 10~ 15min is most ideal time) 


2. Please put vinyl (old clothes, old towels) around the shoulders where the hair can reach easily and where the color dye can touch before applying hair dye to your hair. Also, recommend to apply lotion around your forehead, neck, and around your ears. You should also wear gloves when you are ready to apply dyes on your hair. 


3. Apply the foam dye very carefully like you are shampooing your hair so you don’t miss any spot. After you finish with applying coloring to your hair, wrap it tightly with the vinyl you had around your shoulder. There are many reviews that the dye will flow if the vinyl is not wrapped properly.


4. There is something to be careful about washing your hair after the coloring. 

a. It is recommended that you use shampoo only to reduce discoloration after self-coloring. The shampoo is recommended for scalp health.

b. A lot of blogs share wrong information to use treatment only not the shampoo but to protect your scalp you must use shampoo after the coloring.

c. If you leave a coloring spot on the scalp or other parts of the body too long, it is hard to remove for a long period of time and it can cause even more serious skin problems.