Find Out Which lluillui Makeup Brushes Are Right For You

A fresh set of makeup brushes is always a good idea.

Dirty makeup brushes can transfer germs and bacteria to your skin, but also to your makeup products. Besides this, old, dirty brushes will irritate your skin. And aggravate acne. And compromise makeup application. So basically, dirty makeup brushes are one of the worst things you could do to your skin.

If you are in need of new brushes to avoid all of these potential disasters, read on. We have a wide variety of brushes at lluillui, with 15 different styles. Today we will highlight some brush styles that are universally loved and needed by everyone. On the daily, try using these brushes to achieve the look you’re going for.

Blush Brush

First, we love using brush 301, the ‘Blush Brush’ for our powder and blush needs. This brush helps achieve that perfect rosy cheek. The bristles won’t shed, which is such a pet-peeve with makeup brushes. Picking up the perfect amount of powder, our Blush Brush evenly spreads and blends it across the desired area. Definitely the brush to give you the rosy, lively glow you want.

Powder Contour Brush

Another lluillui brush favorite is brush 181, our ‘Powder Contour Brush.’ This brush has the perfect angle for those who want to achieve an ideal contour and highlight combo. The featherlight bristles will dust bronzer lightly across your hairline, jaw and underneath your cheekbones to sculpt your features for a natural, yet defined look. I don’t know about you, but a good contour brush is a necessity.

Fan Brush

Having shiny, glowy skin is definitely in style right now when it comes to makeup looks. Brush 152, the ‘Fan Brush” is everything you could want in a highlighter or loose powder brush. The large fanned shape of the brush head allows for precise application on the body and face, while dusting away excess product/product fallout. Whether you want to add a glow to your cheekbones, collarbones or cupid’s bow, this brush will be your new go-to for that dewy look.

Eyeshadow Brushes

Amongst our wide variety of eyeshadow brushes, we have an ‘Eyeshadow Blending Brush,’ (brush 204) for seamlessly blending multiple eyeshadow colors. We also have an ‘Angled Shader Brush’ (brush 205) for even application of product around the eyelid. Another fan favorite is brush 203, the ‘Pencil Brush.’ Perfect for blending the crease, softening harsh lines and crease contouring. With all this variety, achieving the perfect smoky eye will be easy. If smoky eyes aren’t your thing, you can create literally any makeup look with all these brushes. There is a brush to highlight your brow bone, angle eyeshadow around the eyelid, blending makeup colors and so much more. Who knew there were so many variations!

Our brushes blend makeup seamlessly, leaving no streaks or powder fallout. There’s nothing worse than your eyeshadow brush leaving product fallout all over your face instead of just your eyelid.

Let’s talk some more about eyeshadow brushes. We mentioned the ‘Angled Shader Brush,’ but why not also check out the ‘Shader Brush,’ brush 202. This brush is perfect for powder or cream products. Why not put some glitter on the tip and make your eyelids shimmer? The rounded edge allows for a precise application. Controlling where the product will end up is an easy task with the lluillui brushes.

Another brush that you may not even know you need is brush 241. The ‘Flat Definer Brush.’ This brush helps with sharp, defined lines on the lower and upper lash lines. This will give you very precise results with your eyeshadow to make your eyes pop! This brush can be used wet or dry. A fun idea is to damp the brush and apply a sparkly product to the upper lash line. Like a shiny eyeliner. The damp brush will help the product stick and give you an additional glow for fancier occasions!

Beauty Sponge

Along with these powder brushes, we also have our dual-textured beauty sponge. This technology utilizes silicon at the tip to allow the product to blend better into the small crevices around the nose and eyes. The bottom half of the sponge is the typical material in beauty sponges, and this is great for blending product into your skin and neck with no discoloration or blotchy patches. Wet the sponge and squeeze out the water before applying product for the best results. Usually used for makeup foundation, there are so many other uses for a beauty sponge. Cream blushes, highlighters and contours blend perfectly with a damp egg sponge. Also, have you ever tried applying sunscreen or creams on children's skin with a beauty sponge? Much more efficient, cleanly and fun! We have a YouTube video up on our channel that explains how to properly clean these sponges so you can reuse them while avoiding breakouts. These sponges are lluillui favorites!

In total we have 15 brushes and 1 sponge that comes in vibrant colors like pink and orange. Each brush is cruelty-free and we have recently made the transition to eco-friendly packaging. There’s nothing better than products that are good for both you and the environment.

Summer Brush Kit

We have compiled 5 of our brushes and the sponge into a Summer Brush Kit. We hand-selected brushes that have multiple uses so you can experiment with so many different makeup looks! Shop this special through August to try a variety of our brushes out.

Makeup Brush Cleaner

If you don’t want to purchase ALL new brushes, we also have a brush cleaner that can tide you over until you're ready for a larger purchase. This will help you easily shift from different products and colors without affecting the application. This is great for those times when you have to use 5 colors but only have 1 brush to do it with. We’ve all had those moments.

Replace your Brushes

Makeup Brushes are something that are easily forgotten about. Especially if makeup isn’t a passion of yours. Don’t go too long without replacing your brushes! A fresh set will give you better skin AND better makeup results. A win win!