LabNo Lifted Ceramide Lip Balm & More!

Did you know that your lips show age? Collagen is what gives your lips their plumpness and shape. Once you get older and produce less collagen, your lips lose their natural elasticity and will develop lines. They will even appear thinner. 

There are ways to prevent this from happening if you’re someone who wants to keep the youthful plumpness alive for as long as possible. The Lifted Ceramide Lip Balm by LabNo helps with premature lip aging. How so, you may wonder. Well, the Ceramide Lip Balm is actually known to be a 3-in-1. You will find the Ceramide Lip Balm melts into your lips like most balms do. But it also exfoliates your lips and locks in moisture. Use this product throughout the day and say goodbye to chapped lips. 


LabNo Lifted Ceramide Lip Balm 

The LabNo Lifted Ceramide Lip Balm is made of natural ingredients and is plant-derived. By protecting your lips against environmental pollutants and other factors, this lip balm focuses on premature aging. Ceramide is the ingredient responsible for guarding your lips against irritants around you. Ceramides are fats that will restore the lip’s natural barrier.  

The active ingredients shea butter and sunflower seed oil protect against exposure to sunlight. They also work to protect the lip collagen and elastin which is in your skin on/around your lips. 

Chapped lips happen year-round to almost everyone. They can crack, bleed and cause you more annoyance than you need. This Ceramide Lip Balm ensures you won’t have to deal with that. You have enough going on than to worry about dry, cracked lips on top of it all! 

LabNo Best of the Best 

Besides the LabNo Ceramide Lip Balm, which was recently featured in our Instagram Giveaway, LabNo has other amazing products on lluillui. 

Looking for a high-quality toner that won’t break the bank? The LabNo Cicaloe Water Soothing Toner is packed with amino acids and aloe vera extract. If you have sensitive skin or any irritation that needs soothing, this toner works wonders. There is a low pH in the toner. The mild, safe levels of acidity clear away all impurities and unwanted bacteria lingering on the skin after cleansing. Madecassoside, also known as Centella, is an active ingredient that is very important for the toner. Madesassoside increases skin cell production and helps the skin to heal and repair. So if you want to calm your skin while strengthening the skin’s barrier, this toner is a must! 

Let’s talk about the Lifted Idebenone Serum. This serum is jam-packed with vitamins and fatty acids. These are meant to improve the skin’s elasticity and take care of wrinkles. This serum has 4 times more vitamin C and 10 times more antioxidants than a typical serum. Not to mention the Rosehip, a natural source of Vitamin A (retinol), vitamin E, vitamin C, and B-carotene. Any skin type can use this serum and will find great, anti-aging results. This is best used after the LabNo Cicaloe Water Soothing Toner. 

Following the serum, there is a Lifted Idebenone Cream. What is Idebenone? Well, it is an antioxidant that protects cells from environmental damage, fights those fine lines, reduces dryness, and smooths your skin’s texture. Idebenone is even said to be more powerful in preventing cell damage than Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Finishing off your routine with the Lifted Idebenone Cream will ensure you are hydrated, no matter what season it is. 


At lluillui we have three crucial LabNo products to do a mini skincare routine. It isn’t the traditional 10-step Korean Skincare routine. But add a cleanser and this lineup is amazing for a day-to-day routine. 

LabNo says NO to harmful ingredients and YES to helping any and all skin types.