Has your Skincare failed you? A guide to ridding your routine of toxicity. 

While you may have an extensive skincare lineup full of products you’ve been using for years, have you ever really checked out the ingredients? Many skincare products are mostly 80% water. Which means your products won’t really make a difference for your skin since they lack quality active ingredients. 

Pro tip. Read the labels.

Aside from the 80% water, you may find loads of dye, chemicals and harsh ingredients that can do more damage than good. If the back of your bottle has a list of 20 plus ingredients, definitely a red flag. Keep it simple, natural and clean when it comes to what you are putting on your skin. 

But, have no fear. It is never too late to change up your routine. Korean Skincare is ingredient oriented. Special attention is placed on the amount of inactive or dangerous materials in a product. 

Alternative Options

For instance, take our PapaRecipe Eggplant Clearing Ampoule. There are only ten active ingredients and the first on the label reads “Solanum Melongena (Eggplant) Fruit Extract (73%).” Meaning more than half of the ampoule is true eggplant, which will help with sebum control and soothing the skin. Another active ingredient to look for in various products is Centella Asiatica. This appears in the Eggplant Ampoule. Centella Asiatica is a medicinal plant and has the power to combat blemishes and problem areas on the skin. 

Finding key ingredients that you know are healthy, natural and safe will help you decipher between toxic and nontoxic products. 

Another key ingredient that is gentle yet powerful for your skin is honey. Ecolline products, like the Manuka Marula Moisturizing Cream, are full of manuka honey extract. Honey as an active ingredient balances your skin's pH, removes bacteria from the pores and decreases local inflammation. When looking at the ingredient label for this specific product, you see there are only 9 key ingredients. Quality over quantity.

Korean Skincare is known to incorporate the most unique ingredients into their routine. And for good reason. Snail secretion, for example, is in a variety of products on our website. The DewyTree Vitalizing Snail Hand Cream contains only 12 ingredients. Amongst those, we see Snail Secretion Filtrate(450mg), Beeswax, Honey Extract and Shea Butter. Other products containing snail secretion are the DewyTree Ultra Vitalizing Eye Cream, Snail Emulsion and Snail Cream.

Rice powder is another recognizable ingredient that is amazing for exfoliating. Our 9Wishes Rice Powder Polish includes Canola Oil, Rice Powder and Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil along with only 7 other ingredients. Notice the trend of fewer, active ingredients.

So next time you think about replacing your skincare products with drugstore cleansers or expensive moisturizers that lack safe, clean ingredients, remember the long term stress these are putting on your skin. Korean Skincare has your best interest in mind when creating products. Treat yourself to a few products today and start your journey with clean, Korean Skincare.