Why lluillui loves Innisfree

Innisfree, like lluillui, focuses on using natural ingredients in all of its skincare products. At lluillui, we appreciate the fact that Innisfree products are formulated without harmful chemicals and preservatives. In addition to using incredible ingredients, Innisfree prioritizes responsibly sourcing its ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea. This authenticity of Innisfree products is truly respected by lluillui. The lluillui team also supports the Innisfree brand’s philanthropic efforts and Green Promise.


Innisfree Green Promise

“We are passionate about preserving the purity of Jeju Island and are also committed to replicating our sustainability and philanthropic efforts there around the globe, making a meaningful impact everywhere Innisfree is present,” says Innisfree. Innisfree upholds these three green promises:


1. Environment-friendly campaigns

“We pledge to care for the Earth and its well-being by promoting everyday green living and through eco-initiatives like recycling programs and conservation efforts.” 


2. A focus on responsibly sourced, naturally-derived ingredients

“We vow that our skincare products are formulated with an average of 80% naturally-derived ingredients (with the exception of make-up) and are safely formulated without harmful chemicals and preservatives.”


3. Giving back

We commit to financially supporting causes that give back to the Earth and the community.


Jeju Island and innisfree

What makes Innisfree so unique is their connection to Jeju Island. Innisfree responsibly sources their ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea. In regards to Jeju Island, Innisfree states, “Thanks to its volcanic origins, this fertile oasis has a unique ecosystem with unparalleled resources to nurture beautiful skin. Our proprietary extraction methods preserve the purity and potency of these wholesome ingredients from plant to bottle, offering advanced formulas that safely address all skin concerns without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives. With the wonders of nature at the heart of Innisfree, we take care to preserve and protect the environment in all that we do” 


The Innisfree Name

Innisfree gets its name from the lyrical poem, The Lake of Isle of Innisfree, by William Butler Yeats. “The Lake Isle of Innisfree” expresses the desire to escape typical, urban life in hopes of achieving peace and solitude by becoming one with nature. Innisfree describes Jeju Island as a “unique oasis that offers a sensorial escape from the fast-paced daily life and a rejuvenating moment to nurture healthy skin in perfect harmony with nature.”


Innisfree’s Four Pledges

Innisfree is a socially responsible skincare company that lluillui is proud to offer. At lluillui, we admire Innisfree's pledges to the Earth and its people. Innisfree’s four pledges include:


1. Promote healthy beauty through natural ingredients

2. Provide innovative and reasonably-priced skincare solutions for all skin types and concerns


    • This inclusivity is an ideology that we also practice at lluillui. Our mission is to provide effective and efficient skincare for all, without sacrificing quality.


3. Offer a sensorial escape through the wonders of Jeju Island

4. Preserve and protect nature’s vitality through eco-conscious initiatives


Where to Get Innisfree Products

Lluillui carries 17 Innisfree products. Innisfree is one of lluillui’s favorite skincare companies for its brand mission and commitment. At lluillui, you can find the majority of Innisfree's Green Tea line. 


Green Tea Skincare Benefits

Healthline states, “The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties in green tea may make it an effective treatment for acne and oily skin. According to research, the polyphenols in green tea, when applied to the skin, help reduce sebum secretion, which can lead to acne.” According to a 2016 review, the EGCG in green tea has shown improvement in treating acne and oily skin.

Green tea is also known for its anti-aging properties. Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Amanda Doyle, recommends incorporating green tea into your skincare routine to protect the skin's overall integrity. "Green tea contains potent anti-aging antioxidants called catechins, specifically epigallocatechin gallate, (EGCG) that scavenge free radicals, which if not removed can damage the skin."



Innisfree’s Green Tea Line at lluillui

Lluillui offers 17 products from the beloved Innisfree brand. Below are some of our favorite items from their green tea line.


1. Innisfree Green Tea Morning Cleanser

This gentle non-foaming cleanser is ideal for your morning cleanse. It effectively removes dead skin cells and sebum produced by the skin overnight whilst keeping the skin hydrated. This calming cleanser will not cause irritation to the skin and is the perfect way to start your morning skincare regimen. This cleanser is great for all skin types and concerns. 



2. Innisfree 3-Minute Green Tea Skin Pack (100 Sheets)

This 3-in-1 green tea face pack moisturizes and gently exfoliates the skin. Also, it instantly cools the skin in just 3 minutes, perfect for Spring and Summer skincare routines. This exfoliating pack will boost hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and dry patches.



3. Innisfree Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream

The innisfree Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream is a refreshing moisturizer made with Jeju organic green tea to hydrate, restoring moisture to the skin. We are all washing our hands frequently and using hand sanitizer to stay safe in this pandemic. This practice helps keep us healthy but can cause our hands to become dry. This hand cream is essential to keeping your hands moisturized. Keep one in your handbag and near your sinks to avoid dry hands.