Recently, many people are having trouble with their skin because they wear face masks every day, and also experiencing discomfort because of the foundation and makeup colors on their face masks/face covering items. This is because the amount of sebum on your skin increases due to the body temperature rises of the face mask.

To prevent this, it is better not to use the colored disposable masks because they can cause more skin trouble due to the color inks to make the mask and recommend changing the disposable mask once it's used. Also, if you are wearing a cotton mask daily, please wash it every day to reduce the risk of viruses and skin problems. As the mask can dry your skin, moisturizing is very important and minimizes the use of color cosmetics.


As a result, “foundation-free” where people put on makeup without using foundation is gradually becoming a trend among people. As a skincare routine, you just need to apply sunscreen without foundation or a little bit to correct the tone of your skin. Without using color makeup will prevent pores in your skin from clogging up and causing skin troubles. A tone-up cream is not necessary, but sunscreen is very important. Even if you wear a mask, it doesn’t have the function of blocking UV rays, so if you don't put on sunscreen, the skin will absorb UV rays and it is not good for the skin.

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Lastly, the number of people who wear masks increases the body temperature and this increases the dryness of the lips. It is not only the foundation but also the lip makeup that gets on the masks as well. Also, lip care is very important because lips get very chapped during the change of seasons as winter comes.

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