Making the Switch to Eco-friendly Packaging

Did you know that just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions? That is a huge indicator that businesses need to be more aware of the damage they are doing to our planet and take responsibility for their actions. Here at lluillui, we believe it is so important to take measures to help the declining environmental state of our world, not contribute to it. So we got to brainstorming on how we could help.

We are more than excited to announce we are officially making the switch to eco-friendly packaging for our makeup brushes! Reduce, reuse & recycle this new lluillui brush package and help “green” the planet with us! Serious change obviously doesn’t happen overnight. But we are on a mission to help Planet Earth in any way possible. And we encourage you to do the same.

We have 15 lluillui makeup brushes that will be switching over to this new packaging. Rather than a thick plastic box that is seemingly unnecessary, the slim new pouch is not only great for the environment but it is also convenient for storage and travel. It is slim, zips us to prevent your brushes from falling out, and keeps your brushes clean/ protected if you are throwing them into a to-go bag.

Our makeup brushes have always been cruelty-free. This is something we are very proud of. You don’t need to use animal hair to achieve the perfect makeup brush. Synthetic bristles actually have more benefits anyways. They clean easier, repel bacteria better, shed less, work with cream and powder products, and won’t cause animal-related allergic reactions.

We always strive to be allies in our community and our planet. This new eco-friendly approach to packaging is only the first step in our continuous journey towards helping the earth. If you want to be apart of the movement yet still are on the lookout for eco-friendly, sustainable, cruelty-free makeup brushes, then look no further.

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