Australian Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger, Nikkia Joy, has come up with 10 amazing beauty hacks for makeup sponges. Makeup sponges are so versatile they are a must have in every makeup collection. Makeup tools, even sponges can be so expensive. Lluillui makes affordable makeup sponges that blend beautifully! The lluillui blender is a quality makeup sponge that will ensure flawless application. Listed are Nikkia Joy’s, 10 ways to use a makeup sponge!


1. Applying Skincare 

  • The skin near the eyes is very sensitive. Instead of dragging the products with your hands use a damp makeup sponge! There is much less pulling and irritation when you apply eye creams, serums, and lightweight moisturizers with a beauty sponge. Using a damp makeup sponge instead of your fingers will prevent fine lines and crow's feet. 


2. Apply Self Tanner

  • A damp makeup sponge will apply self tanner effortlessly. The best part is this method results in minimal patchiness!


3. Apply Primer

  • Before applying makeup use a sponge to apply the primer. The sponge will soak up less of the primer than your hands. It also pushes the primer into the open pores to give your makeup a flawless finish.


4. Apply & Blend Foundation

  • The lluillui makeup sponge is duo-textured to ensure an even makeup application. Dampen the sponge before blending foundation to get a natural, dewy look.


5. Apply & Blend Concealer

  • Lluillui makeup sponges are angled to fit perfectly under the eyes. Apply your favorite concealer and the makeup sponge will blend it in effortlessly. The makeup sponge will ensure your concealer does not crease.


6. Apply Powder 

  • Setting powders are key when working with liquid or cream foundations and concealers. A beauty sponge will help you apply pressed or loose powder to the face. It is especially useful for baking under the eyes. It is too easy to get powder in your eyes when working with a brush instead of a beauty sponge.


7. Flawless Contour

  • The best way to apply a natural-looking contour is with a beauty sponge. It evenly distributes the product onto the face and gives you more control. Use the smaller end of the sponge to apply your cream or powder contour.


8. Apply Blush & Highlighter

  • For blush use the bigger end of the beauty sponge. Apply the blush to the sponge then use the sponge to apply the product to the cheeks. Using a sponge will make your blush appear natural. For highlight, use the smaller end of the sponge. Use a damp sponge to pick up the highlighter and apply it to the high points of the face.


9. Apply Eyeshadow

  • This one sounds a little crazy but it works beautifully. Take a look at Nikkia Joy’s video to see exactly how it works. 


10. Blend Lipstick into a Lip Stain

  • If you ever just need a pop of color on the lips. Apply lipstick as normal and blend it out with a makeup sponge. That way you get the perfect color without the bold look.