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  1. Has your Skincare failed you? A guide to ridding your routine of toxicity.

    Has your Skincare failed you? A guide to ridding your routine of toxicity. While you may have an extensive skincare lineup full of products you’ve been using for years, have you ever really checked out the ingredients? Many skincare products are mostly 80% water. Which means your products won’t really make a difference for your skin since they lack quality active ingredients.
  2. Making the Switch to Eco-friendly Packaging

    Did you know that just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions? That is a huge indicator that businesses need to be more aware of the damage they are doing to our planet and take responsibility for their actions. Here at lluillui, we believe it is so important to take measures to help the declining environmental state of our world, not contribute to it. So we got to brainstorming on how we could help.
  3. LabNo Lifted Ceramide Lip Balm & More!

    Did you know that your lips show age? Collagen is what gives your lips their plumpness and shape. Once you get older and produce less collagen, your lips lose their natural elasticity and will develop lines. They will even appear thinner. 
  4. Find Out Which lluillui Makeup Brushes Are Right For You

    A fresh set of makeup brushes is always a good idea. Dirty makeup brushes can transfer germs and bacteria to your skin, but also to your makeup products. Besides this, old, dirty brushes will irritate your skin. And aggravate acne. And compromise makeup application. So basically, dirty makeup brushes are one of the worst things you could do to your skin.
  5. Makeup Sponge Hacks - 10 Ways to Use Your Makeup Sponges

    Here are 10 ways to use your makeup sponges! Llullui makeup sponges are versatile, quality makeup blenders. Australian Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger, Nikkia Joy, shares how to get the most out of your makeup sponges!
  6. Papa Recipe Eggplant - What makes them a Korean Skincare Favorite?

    Your skincare products are only as exceptional as the ingredients inside of them. As you may know, lluillui products are very ingredient-oriented. It is extremely important to focus on the unique benefits that come with each ingredient. Papa Recipe does exactly this. Their line of Papa Recipe Eggplant products focuses on hydrating the skin, fighting breakouts and supplying antioxidants that are essential for youthful, glowy skin.
  7. Sheet Masks with Tomato and Kale as active ingredients!

    Sheet Masks with Tomato and Kale as active ingredients! Korean Skincare loves using unique ingredients to give your skin a fresh, healthy finish. Two ingredients that are popular in the Korean Skincare world are tomato and kale. These superfoods will change your skincare game and leave you with a glow like never before.
  8. Physical Exfoliation vs Chemical Exfoliation - Which is Better?

    Exfoliating is a must in every skincare routine. We show you the best and safest ways to exfoliate for each skin type.
  9. Gel Skincare Benefits and 4 Best Korean Gel Skincare Products

    Gel skincare can be a lifesaver in the warmer months. Get hydrated, glowing skin without the grease. Keep reading to find out how.